“If your in pain give Songshine Acupuncture a call. Marcia the practitioner will take your pain away while being relaxed in a sound soothing environment. I’ve had four treatments and she has helped me with my back problem. Thank you Marcia!”

P.A.– 8/3/2014

“When it comes to new venture, I am very closed minded and skeptical.  I have not had acupuncture until I met Marcia.  A friend of mine recommended me to Marcia and told me she had few treatments done and it was great.  I finally decided to have my first treatment done, I do not know the phenomenon of a needles placing on certain part of body does release the pain and soreness.  My first session was so relaxing and I felt asleep.  I cannot explain in words on the pain level I had before and after; and no one knows our body better than ourselves.  All I can tell you all is, it was too remarkable effective and I requested second session!!!

Thank you Marcia.”

A.L.– 6/2/2014


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